Friday, November 14, 2014

Why use News Collector For Investment Research

I love the news. I am a confirmed addict. When I could not get at least 3 or 4 newspapers, I went through some withdrawal series. And I do not just print media old guy - because I always have to be a multi-media. If it's for a week, which means having a Bloomberg or CNBC television. Weekend, CNN is the default. And meanwhile, I got News Collector, my local news sites. News Collector create chart I could see better after I've gone through the stress test what companies are made up of and how and why they make real money enough to pay for you to have them. Because there is no tea leaf reading this chart to make sure that you will be able to find the right stock to fund your retirement income superior.

And as I get through this day after day - I reviewed my notes and so I can put the various pieces together to come up with anything that comes our way as an investor. It can be better or worse, because of developments in the news can send the company or even the entire industry to a pile of garbage - and thus should be avoided, sold or shorted. In other cases, there are some major changes and come to encourage the company is well positioned and fuel the growth of large and heavy, high dividend yield. Thanks News Collector, has helped me .. More informqatio, please visit  : Houston news

# News Collector  is  the news aggregator website like google news. We collect headlines from different news websites in one place and give pure information to our users.
what different between and other servises? We collect national, world and local news and other sites collect only national and world news.
Now we provide news for 9 countries (USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, South Africa, India, Philippiny, Pakistan) and more than 150 cities.
but in the next 3 month we are planning to add to our service +10 countries. (Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Poland and other) and more than 300 cities.#

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